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Qualified, fast and personal service. Our Sales Group is your best source for high quality Alder, Maple and Ash hardwood lumber from the Cascade Hardwood and Port Angeles Hardwood sawmills. Our convenient single source for quality hardwoods from both of these great sawmills gives you fast personal service, precision graded lumber and the important advantages of a huge inventory to choose from.

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Client-based Lumber Grades and Tools

Our proprietary client based grades are created to fit your precise lumber requirements. Use the Cascade Grade Selector™ to learn more about our proprietary grading system.

We created this tool and these grades to be able to more accurately portray the exact lumber stock that our furniture, cabinet and pallet customers need. We are constantly updating and improving our grading system to better serve you. Our latest improvement is to modify all of our grades, basing them of National Hardwood Lumber Association (NHLA) cuttings.

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The Cascade Grade Selector™ is also available as a
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Our Sales Group

Rick Barrett

Sales Manager
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(360) 345 1313
(360) 269-4291

Jeff Lockey

Sales Team / Export
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(360) 345 1315
(360) 880 2682

Marlin Langworthy

Sales Team / Rocky Mountains, Central States, Great Lakes
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(877) 345 1423
(360) 345 1314
(360) 259 4513

Anthony Walker

Sales Team / Southeast, East Coast
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(877) 345 0006
(360) 345 1319
(360) 584 3948

Lisa Jorgenson

Inventory Control
(360) 345 1310

Liz Edwards

(360) 345 1317

Darrin Myers

California Sales
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(877) 345 1404
(360) 345 1318
(360) 269 8750